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“Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the very few medically studied supplements that has been proven to cause weight loss.”

"My favorite thing about Green Coffee Bean Extract is that it flat-out worked for me! After trying other weight loss supplements with no success, I finally found something that works! I am down to my goal weight for the first time in years.” - Jill. – Birmingham, AL

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Green Coffee Bean Extract


Green Coffee Beans

Join the thousands of women losing weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract
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All Natural - No Side Effects

Our website gives you the facts and gives you several online places where you can buy with confidence. We have done the research to determine 3 recommended brands. Our website is Certified by The Weight Loss Foundation.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green Coffee Bean Extract comes from coffee beans before they are roasted at high temperatures. The roasting makes them ready for sale as regular coffee. During this process, the beans get their wonderful aroma and gain caffeine levels. However, they also lose an important element during the roasting process…Chlorogenic Acid. This is the ingredient within coffee beans that has been proven in studies to help you lose weight.

Why is this weight loss supplement truly different than others?
There has been credible research and medical studies done that show Green Coffee Bean Extract does indeed cause weight loss. The most compelling research was conducted in 2012 by Dr. Joe Vinson. During this study, participants lost an average of 17 pounds in just a few months, with no changes to their diet or exercise routine. Dr. Vinson notes that the weight loss might have been even more, except that the study participants were taking a placebo for part of the time.

Are all brands the same?
Absolutely not. It is important that you seek out a brand that has these components:

  • Chlorogenic Acid must be 45% or greater
  • Must contain GCA - Green Coffee Anti-oxidant
  • 400mg strength

All doctors and researchers have indicated that these are the critical things which the product must have. It is also important that you select a product that does not contain fillers. The only additional ingredient you should find is the gelatin or vegetarian capsule to hold the extract in capsule form.

Where can I buy them?
There are a wide variety of brands and sources of Green Coffee Bean Extract. This site does not exclusively promote a specific brand or company to buy from. We are not here to “push” a sale or brand. Instead, we aim to provide you with information and allow you make your own choice. All products on our site have been researched to meet the criteria indicated above.

Click here to learn about recommended brands to purchase.

Green Coffee Bean Extract helps you lose weight fast !! And it’s all-natural, so no side effects !!

Watch the video below to hear first-hand how Maria P. of St. Louis, MO has lost weight naturally with Green Coffee Bean Extract: